Lefty's cheesesteak is a neighborhood classic




Our pilot store is owned and operated by entreprenur Sam Berry in Livonia, MI. Sam struggled growing up as a lefty. He struggled smearing his hand writing papers in school, only having right handed scissors to use and finding a baseball glove in gym class that was for left handed individuals. This gave Sam the idea of branding a new fast casual concept that highlighted all the famous left handed people in the world. He also incorporated a dry erase board titled "lefty's corner" where right handed individuals are challenged to write their names left handed every day.


Lefty's is committed to serving the highest quality shaved and marinated ribeye meat. Our famous corned beef is marinated with our own recipe of spices and cooked in house every morning and sliced deli style on our own slicing machines. All of our vegetables are cut fresh daily. Our freshly baked hoagie buns are delivered daily from a local bakery. All of our operators, managers,  and chefs are certified, experienced, and trained to make all of our special sauces in house and provide each customer with a clean, healthy, and top notch service at its best.